Cannabis Seed to Sale Software: Also Requires Third Party Approval by CCA


In The cultivation of cannabis they will need to stick to the California Cannabis Authority (CCA) mandate which require them to submit data included through farming, subsequently manufacturing and finally distribution of product. That’s the significant set back by these cannabis companies as they do not have the software to capture that information on top create a report. With that restriction, the development of the Cannabis Seed to Sale Softwarewas pioneered¬† Click here for more info¬† Visit here.

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Which are the Requirements of CCA with respect to Cannabis Seed to Sale Software?

Although there were many programmers of this software and Each trying to give simplicity in the group and creation of the necessary report, only few were licensed by the CCA and Trellis is one of them. Being a third party supplier approved by CCA, Trellis can provide solutions for the submission of the cannabis company’s monthly report thus easing the procedure for them. They don’t have to spend more time on the report since it can be inputted on each stage ensuring accountability and the data could be compiled via the program and generated for the report.

What makes the Trellis Cannabis Seed to Sale Software better Than the remainder?

It is understandable that the cannabis companies are more Concentrated from the cultivation-manufacturing procedures and at the supply too which is currently a stressful 8-hour job for those employees. Then came this software for them to add to their own tasks causes it to be an additional demand of their time. And of course that new modifications always pose a danger and isn’t easy to accept. However, with the support provided by Trellis in all parts of learning to troubleshooting, it has eased the whole procedure.


Companies are even grateful for the provisions given by This software provider enough for them to write a review for a gesture of the appreciation of the merchandise and the service.